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Does grayscale work good or not? I don't have fax machine, but the recipient does.

I do not have a fax machine, or should I say "a dinosaur machine".

I have invoices with handwriting on them to fax.

I take pictures with my Android phone. From there, I would like to somehow get a good faxable document, whether it be .tiff or .pdf. i'd prefer .pdf.

I've read that black and white is best for faxing. The problem is, when I go looking online for something to convert my color image to black & white, all I find are convert to grayscale options. Many sites lure you in by showing black & white in search descriptions, but when you go to these sites you'll find that they really only offer grayscale.

Grayscale is not black & white.

I faxed something in color the other day & it looked good to me when I viewed it on faxes sent, but the recipient said it was too dark and barely readable. Now, I want to try grayscale.

Do you think that using Google Photos and choosing one of their 3 grayscales (Eiffel, Vogue or Vista) would work? Also, from there, I can download the image as a .pdf.

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Greyscale does work however I would recommend that you download a free app called "Turbo Scanner" - this is an excellent app that allows you to take a photo and immediately convert it to greyscale with the option to darken or lighten the image before saving it as a PDF file. You can then easily attach the PDF to an email directly from the app. Once it is in an email you simply send the email to "TheDestinationFaxNumber" followed by "" and it will be faxed through our system. You must have an account with us for this to work.

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