Porting your number over to SRFax is a simple process, and it is now fully integrated into your SRFax account.  The first step with any port is to set up an account at SRFax.com.  If you have not yet registered for an account you will need to do so from our website at SRFax.com.  All new accounts need to have an assigned fax number, so a temporary number will be given to you to use while we work on any port requests.  

Once you have an account registered with SRFax we can begin the porting process.  The process will begin from within your account.  Log into your account at SRFax.com, and navigate to My Account > Port Request:

This will take you to a page with a form which needs to be completed.  Your first step will be to ensure that you are filling out the correct form, as there are different forms for local numbers as compared to toll free numbers, and you can toggle between the two using the underlined link below shown below:  

All fields denoted with an asterisk will be required.  On some fields there is an icon (?) which you can click on for more information.  For anything else that needs explanation please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.  

Once you have completed the form, please click on the large gold button at the bottom of the page to submit this first part of the request.  The buttons appear as such for either a local DID or a toll free number:


Immediately after submitting the form you will either be taken to a new page to complete, or the form will display errors that need to be addressed before the form can be accepted.  

If the form was accepted, then the next step will be to upload a copy of your most recent invoice from the current provider for your fax number.  

We can accept screenshots or statements of accounts or a customer service record if that is all your current provider offers.  We do need this document to perform a port request.  

Finally, the port request needs to be confirmed.  This next page allows you to review your submitted information to ensure it is accurate, and a final confirmation button as shown:

After you confirm the porting process this page should update a final time to confirm the submission, and you will later receive an email from our porting department to acknowledge the port request.  This email typically should be received within 1-3 business days.  If you do not receive this confirmation we suggest you reach out to our support team for assistance.