Should you ever want to temporarily or permanently disable the inbound fax service to any of your fax numbers you can do so through the online portal at   Go to and on the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll find the link to "SIGN IN." 

 Can’t log in?

Once logged in, navigate to My Account > Account Summary.  This is typically the default landing page once you log in.  You will see your fax number(s) listed on this page, and there will be a link to disconnect the line as shown:

Numbers displayed as above are active.  If you click on “Disconnect” then you will be given a prompt to confirm if you wish to disconnect the number.  Once disconnected the number will change to show that it is disconnected, and the link will instead offer to “reconnect.”

*Once fax number is disconnected you will no longer receive calls on that number until reconnected.  Senders to a disconnected fax number will find that their fax has failed.  

You can Reconnect your fax number anytime by again logging to your account on SRFax and navigating to the Account Summary page where the reconnect link will be found.  Once you click and confirm to reconnect your number it may take up to 10 minutes before the inbound service is restored.