Log into your account (https://www.srfax.com/sign-in/ ) and click on “FAXES”. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “SEND A FAX

Once in the “SEND A FAX” window, you will see the following options:

  1. Sender - You have a drop-down menu to choose the specified sender (additional sending emails can be added in “SETTINGS – SENDING FAXES”. 

  2. Type of Fax - If your fax is only going to one recipient, you will choose “SINGLE FAX”. If this same fax is being sent to a variety of recipients, you will choose “BROADCAST FAX” 

  3. Enter Destination Fax # - This is where you enter the fax number for your recipient. When E-faxing, you should always include the 1 on your outbound transmissions, as should your senders when faxing to you. As we autofill the 1, you need only include the area code and fax number.

  4. Reference # - This is an optional field. Some of our users opt to include small memos to more easily differentiate the fax from others.

  5. # Of Retries – This is how many times our system will attempt to send this fax to completion. When sending a large fax, it is best to have a higher number of retries. If there is a problem during transmission, our system will call back and pick up where it left off. 

  6. Include a Cover Page – Your default cover pages can be found in “SETTINGS – COVER PAGES”. If you have chosen to include them automatically, this box will be checked. Otherwise, they can be added and customized on a per-fax basis.

  7. Preview Fax - This fax will be fully prepared for sending, and then held for you to preview.  This allows you to ensure that the fax will appear exactly as you want it to before actually sending.  The fax will sit in your "FAXES QUEUED" page until you approve or cancel it.  

  8. Schedule for Later Delivery – If your fax is not urgent or you want to send a fax outside of business hours, you can choose this option to schedule a fax to be sent on a later date or at a later time. 

Once you have specified where and when to send your fax, you can either drag and drop or upload the files you wish to send out in this transmission. Please note that in order for us to convert files for sending, they must a single layer, editable, and cannot be password protected or otherwise encrypted. Once you have attached the files you wish to send, simply click “SEND FAX” to queue this fax for delivery.

Once you have clicked “SEND FAX”, a green dialog box should appear advising you that your fax has been scheduled for delivery. 

While a fax is in the process of sending or is waiting to send, it will be viewable in “FAXES QUEUED”. Once the fax has either sent or exhausted its retries attempting to send successfully, it will appear in “FAXES SENT”. Please note that once a queued fax is listed as “Sending”, it will take an average of 30 seconds to 1 minute per page to transmit.