Notification Settings:


Set the radio button to the fax status you wish to be notified on and then enter all the Email addresses to notify.

Select the fields you wish to have in the subject line when being notified of a sent fax.


These check boxes determine if a fax is to be attached to the Email notification and if you wish to see a preview of the first page in the body of the Email. You may also want to have a list of all the filename(s) you submitted for each fax. Mobile notification is also available here.

Authorized Users:

You can have up to 9 Email addresses registered to your account for sending a fax by Email.


The first box above is to let the sender know of any delivery notifications. The system will ignore this setting if the fax failed and notify the sender automatically.

The second box is requesting an Email be sent the instant we receive the request to fax something by Email. We will send you an Email saying that we received your request and then once the fax completes you will receive the delivery notification as well.

Password protection:
To further increase security select this option. You will then need to place your password on the subject line of the Email in order to send a fax. The password must be entered on the subject line as follows: "pass=yourpassword" (without the quotes)