Settings – General Settings

Account Preferences

Select your preferred settings for your account.

Fax Retention Settings

Define how many months you would like sent and received faxes stored for. You can set it to as many months as you would like, at no additional charge.

Fax Default View

Lets you define whether you see the current month of faxes, or all months of faxes received.

SMS Text Notification

If you wish to receive a small text message notifying you of a sent or received fax, enter your mobile number and service provider here. You can then select if you want a notification for sent or received faxes in the settings for those sections.

Support Staff Access

All the faxes on your account are not visible to SRFax support staff unless you specifically allow access in this section. In order to maximize security and privacy, you should only grant access to support staff if absolutely necessary.