Settings – Junk Faxes

Junk Fax Settings:

In this section you select the parameters under which we will move received faxes to the Junk Fax folder. You will not receive notifications for any faxes that are moved to the Junk Fax folder. Junk Faxes will remain in your account for 7 days unless you move them back to your Received Faxes folder.

Blocked Senders List:

Whenever you mark a fax as Junk the Caller ID and the Remote ID are then added to the Blocked Senders list. If you need to remove a number from the Blocked Senders list. You can remove it here.

Add Entry To Blocked Senders List:

In the event that you have a list of numbers you know are Junk Fax senders, you can add them to the block list from this section.