By default, your login email address is enabled to queue faxes from your SRFax account. To enable additional email addresses to send faxes via email from your main SRFax number, they must be added to your approved list of authorized senders. On our Basic 25 page plan, up to 9 email addresses can be specified as senders. On our other plans, you may add as many email addresses as needed. To add these senders, log into your SRFax account. Once logged in, navigate to "Settings" and then "Sending Faxes", in the section labelled "Authorized Email Addresses" enter one Email address per line in the grey box beneath the login email address. The Login Email address will always be enabled as an authorized sender by default. 

Once you have entered the relevant Email addresses remember to click on "Update" at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. 

Please note that adding additional emails to your authorized senders does not alter your notification settings or give them access to your online SRFax account. Should you wish for these senders to be notified of the status of their queued faxes, selecting the top checkbox “Include the sender’s email address to delivery notifications” will carbon copy them on these notifications. If notifications are turned off, this sender will still receive a notification detailing the status of their sent fax. The bottom checkbox will notify them that a fax has been queued, but will only notify them of its sent/failed status if the top checkbox is also selected. 

To add these email addresses to your default email notifications, they must be added to the “Email Notification Settings” in “Settings - Sending Faxes” for outbound faxes and “Settings - Receiving Faxes” for inbound faxes.

We do have the ability to add wildcards for Domains but you need to call in or email that request in.