The Email you received has an "Error Message" which provides you with details as to why the fax was not scheduled for delivery.

The most common reason is that you are attempting to send a fax from an Email address that is not registered on your SRFax account as an authorized user, hence we cannot determine which account is attempting to send the fax. For details instruction on how to add your Email address to the Authorized Users list see this post Add or change an Email address on my account.

Other reasons for a fax failing to schedule include the following:

  1. Password on the submitted file - if a file is password protected we are unable to open the file.
  2. Macros in a file - we do not allow the execution of macros embedded within files.
  3. Corrupt file - the file is not readable by the software designed to do so.
  4. No attachments found - the Email did not contain an attachment for faxing.

A note on attachments for MAC users. Please ensure that you send MAC Emails in "Plain Text" and in "Windows Friendly Format" - this will ensure that the file you are attaching is "attached" to the Email as opposed to embedding the file within the Email body.