You can easily change the email contacts associated with your account at any time on-line by logging into your account from our website. Go to and on the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll find the link to "SIGN IN." 

 Can’t log in?

To Change the Login Email address:

Login to your account and then navigate to "My Account" then "Login Email / Password," on this screen enter the new Email address you would like to use as the administrative contact for the current account.  The login email has full access to all aspects of this account.  

Any changes will be saved after you click on UPDATE LOGIN EMAIL.

To Change the Email settings for RECEIVED Faxes:

Login to your account and then navigate to "Settings" then "Receiving Faxes." On the next page you can add or remove emails which receive your inbound fax notifications.  any emails added to the box labelled "Email address(es) to notify for faxes RECEIVED,” will be included in all inbound fax notifications for any fax numbers associated with the account.  Using the checkboxes you can also indicate if the notification should include the fax as an attachment, and/or if the notification should contain a preview. 

To Change the Email settings for SENT Faxes:

Login to your account and then navigate to "Settings" then "Sending Faxes.”  In the box labeled as "Email address(es) to notify for faxes SENT," you can add any email addresses you wish to be notified for all outbound faxes sent from this account, just put them each on a new line.  Using the radio buttons along the top you can indicate when a notification should be sent, such as if the fax fails, is successful, or both/either.  Using the checkboxes you can control the information that is included with the notifications as well.  

Any changes made will be saved after you click on UPDATE.

You can have more than one email address authorized to schedule or queue new faxes by email.  (See How to send a fax by email)

For each email address you’d like to have authorized to queue faxes you need to add them to your account on this same page.  Scroll down to the Authorized Email Addresses section.  All addresses listed here are authorized to queue new faxes by sending emails.  See below:

The first address listed is always the login email address.  All others can be added in to the second box as shown above.   Type or paste in as many addresses as you like.  

Using the checkboxes you can indicate if the sender in specific should receive any notifications.  The top option to “Include the Senders Email address to delivery notifications,” will include the sender’s email with a standard sent fax notification.  This is in addition to any emails listed at the top of the page for notifications.  When this option is selected the sender will always be alerted if their fax fails, regardless of any other settings.

Any changes made will be saved after you click on UPDATE.  

To add an Email address for billing purposes:

By default your login email will always be included on any billing notifications including invoices, receipts, and any other statements pertinent to the accounting/billing for the SRFax account.  There is an option to also include additional email addresses for this notifications.  To add additional billing contacts for your account first log into your account and then navigate to "My Account" then "Billing Details" and add the Email in the section name "Billing Notifications" at the bottom of the page. 

Any changes made will be saved after you click on UPDATE.  

If you are not able to follow these instructions because you do not have access to the main account then you must email into support( and ask for a change login form. The account holder will need to sign the form and provide Photo ID for security purposes.

If the account holder is no longer able to sign the form, then we would take the Billing Contact that is listed on the account.