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Fax Server

Are there any plans on the horizon for adding some form of fax "server" capability? I'd love to share out an SRFax printer on our file/print server for folks to use rather than having to keep setting up dozens of accounts.  If there was some way to have a shared instance where it would just prompt for users' name and email (so they get a notification) it'd be really cool.

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We do not have plans to make the SRFax Printer Driver server based. However, you do not need to set up dozens of accounts to accomplish what you need done. You will have to install the SRFax Printer Driver on each user's PC and once installed simply enter the Account Number and Password of the master account and specify the that user's email address (even if they are not an authorized user) - notification will go to both the mater account and the sender email address specified on the printer driver.

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