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email2fax sending delivery receipt to "reply-to" field of the email.

We use email2fax from our legacy ERP application to send out faxes, however we do have a requirement that the delivery receipt of the fax should be sent to the email address mentioned in the 'reply-to' field instead of the 'from' field of the email.

(the from address is the email address of the fax account with SRFax, we have 1600 real users who may or may not send faxes, we don't want to open 1600 SRFax accounts but we would like them to receive delivery receipt should they ever send a fax out without having have to use API)

Is that feature present or possible to be deployed ?

I believe other providers like Easylink or ConcordFax provides such features.

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Please check your email and call me at our office number and I will be happy to assist you in this. We have in the past and continue to make special arrangements for users that have specific requirements like this. 

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