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A fax successfully SENT is not the same thing as a fax successfully RECEIVED. Where is the "fax received successfully confirmation" like on dial up fax machine's print outs?

A fax successfully SENT is not the same as a fax successfully received confirmation. Dial up fax machines give you a print out of the fax you sent being actually a  "fax successfully received" confirmation.

A successful SENT fax doesn't tell me anything.

I want to know if the fax was successfully received with a "Fax Received Confirmation" and I can't find that here on SRfax anywhere.

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When we report a fax has been successfully SENT, we are saying the the recipient's fax machine reported it as received which is the same as what you are saying that the fax was received. Just wording that we have used not to confuse clients between a fax we have fax sent and a fax we received on their behalf.

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