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Android App

I noticed the iPhone app feature request, and as someone who doesn't (and never will) own an iPhone, I had to create this request for an Android app. There's a much larger userbase for Android (80% of the market), so it would be better to put this out before the iOS version.

If we could take a picture of each page, convert it to greyscale and get a preview, and add the cover pages from our account, then send it, that would be excellent.

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Erik, when we say a iPhone App we should be saying a smartphone App - you are correct in that Android should be a higher priority than iOS.

There is an excellent app in the mean time called TurboScan which allows you to take pictures of docs, which it then converts to greyscale and then allows you to email the resulting PDF by email - you can then simply send the email to "Fax" and you have the same result. 

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