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Grant outbount only users access

 I would like to be able to allow a particular support staff to be able to view received faxes without having to give access to all support staff.

The problem is I have one user that needs to be send faxes out but also be able to view all the incoming faxes. The way the system is now she would need to have one account for outbound only as well as another account to log into the website to view the incoming faxes.


You can setup the user on the account you want them to have access to inbound faxes and then grant them access to sending a fax as well - this can be done with one login. Use the "User Access Control" as opposed to creating them as an "Outbound Only" user. You will have to delete the "Outbound Only" user if you have already created them and then use the Access control. Our support staff will be able to assist if you encounter any issues.

Am I able to force users to use a maintained address book for sending faxes for security purposes?  In other words, I don't want users to be able to send to just anyone since we deal with PHI information.


You can grant your sub-users access to the "Master" address book but that does not force them to only use your address book. There is no way for us to force them to only use a specific set of numbers.

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