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Sending multiple page fax

Is there a good way to create and send a fax with multiple pages? Thanks.


You can use your scanner to create a multi-page document by using a PDF or TIF file format. You can also use our Printer Driver to print multiple pages to a single fax.

If it isn't too much trouble, can you give me step by directions for doing these things. I have a related question. When sending a fax and attaching documents, there is a drag and drop option. I have no idea how to do that. Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it.
I just sent a comment, but it didn't show up here. could you possibly give me step by step directions on how to do what you suggested. And, how do I use the drag and drop option for attaching files to a fax to be sent? Thank you.

Drag and Drop means that you can take a file from you "Explorer" window left click on the file and keep the click down, then drag the file and drop it on the area where you upload files for faxes. Drop means that you release the click in that area.

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