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IPhone App

Do u have an IPhone App

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Unfortunately we do not have an app at present. An app is our next project and we hope to have one for release later this year.


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Yes, I want a iPhone APP too, and what APP would you recommend to turn the phone into a scanner?
thank you.


Byron, there is an excellent app called TurboScan which uses the camera to scan documents to PDF files. It also has the ability to convert the scans to Black & White images which results in excellent faxing documents.


You need an iPhone and iPad app ASAP. Need to be able to get to the address book from the app. and of course pick the cover page.
I add to the App requests above, asking that it also have the ability to edit/annotate/add typed text, as well as a finger-written signature (or a scanned signature image) that can be inserted and resized, like the eFax App has.  In this manner, a received fax can be filled out and signed, and then returned, without ever having to print.


Don't forget Android. There are more Android phones in use than iPhones! And there's no "gatekeeper" issue like there is with Apple, since not only is Google Play much more open to independents, there's a standard option in Android to allow an installation file obtained from sources other than the Google Play store to be run.

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Need an Android app. How do I send faxes from my phone?

would there be perhaps a beta app for iphone already being tested? could i get in on it on my testflight app? how about android?

Our website is a responsive site so you can simply login to your account and send a fax from the drop down menus but from a mobile device sending a fax by email is far easier see

Download a scanner app like scanner for me, tiny scan, etc and Adobe Reader.. All you need to do is from within the app share to email and email to fax number. I wipe any txt from the body and subject as i dont want a coversheet made. Works well.. The iPhone don't have storage so must be done directly from the apps.. Android is nice as you can select multiple attachments that are stored on your phone directly from the mail app.

Happy to hear you are working on an iphone app!  This would really round-out your product.  Can't wait!

Thank you for promising to develop and iPhone App.  I see this was in development about 4 years ago.  Did you ever come out with this App?  I did a search on the Apple App Store and did not see anything.

Our apologies on the app. We had the best intentions of getting this completed but our business has been growing rapidly and we have focused on provisioning and ensuring that we are keeping up with capacity demands. I think I have mentioned before that has a better interface for mobile users and if you need to scan to fax there is an excellent app named "TurboScan" which does an excellent job or taking photos of documents and immediately converting them to a greyscale. You can then send the scan by email directly from the app to "". Hope this helps.

I vote yes on app for devices.

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