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Add ResendFax(sFaxDetailsID) in you API

Add a ResendFax(sFaxDetailsID) method that allows to resend an outbound fax (previously failed or not).

Otherwise, when a failure occurs, QueueFax needs to be called again thus upload the files to send.

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We have this suggestion in our queue and we will inform you as soon as it is implemented.


The feature has been added to the API


I want to add my vote to this feature as well.  Being able to resend via the API would be very helpful.


We have implemented a "Forward_Fax" API call which can be used for both forwarding a fax by FaxDetailsID or re-sending a fax.

ForwardFax(sFaxDetailsID, toFaxNumber) should also be implemented.

We have this is the queue as well. Once gain we will inform you when implemented.

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