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Add ResendFax(sFaxDetailsID) in you API

Add a ResendFax(sFaxDetailsID) method that allows to resend an outbound fax (previously failed or not).

Otherwise, when a failure occurs, QueueFax needs to be called again thus upload the files to send.

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We have implemented a "Forward_Fax" API call which can be used for both forwarding a fax by FaxDetailsID or re-sending a fax.

We have this is the queue as well. Once gain we will inform you when implemented.

ForwardFax(sFaxDetailsID, toFaxNumber) should also be implemented.

The feature has been added to the API


I want to add my vote to this feature as well.  Being able to resend via the API would be very helpful.


We have this suggestion in our queue and we will inform you as soon as it is implemented.


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