How To Send a Fax To Multiple Fax Numbers

By default, when sending a fax through the SRFax Website Portal, it will send to a single recipient/fax number. If you are looking to send a fax to multiple fax numbers you would need to send a Broadcast Fax. If sending a broadcast fax you will be able to send to 50 fax numbers at a time

Note: If more than 50 recipients are needed please contact SRFax for more information.

  1. Login to your account at

  2. Select ‘FAXES’ from the website navigation menu, then select ‘SEND A FAX’ from the dropdown navigation.

  1. When you are on the screen to send a fax you will need to look for the ‘Type of Fax’ field and select ‘Broadcast Fax’.

  2. Once you have selected this toggle you will now see the ‘Enter Destination Fax #’ field has the option to send to multiple fax numbers. Simply enter each individual fax number, making sure they are each on their own line by pressing enter/return after adding a number.

  3. Once you have entered in the desired fax numbers continue with the setup and sending of the fax (see Send a fax from my account on-line for instructions on sending the fax).