When we make new changes live, What will happen is the current cache on your pc will be no longer valid and all cookies will need to be re-downloaded and updated. 

The following steps will show you how to do so on Chrome and Firefox

Note: When you delete cache from your PC it will be like going to the website for the very first time, so settings/passwords may need to be resaved if you follow these instructions.


1.Go to the Hamburger Menu in the top right corner 

2. Scroll down to Settings

3. Click on Privacy & Security 

4. Click on Manage Data

5. Type srfax in the search(1), select srfax.com from the results (2) , Remove Selected (3) and Save Changes (4).


1.You can accomplish this almost the same way on chrome instead of a hamburger menu you will click on the 3 dots

2. Privacy & Security

3. Clear browsing data

4. Uncheck Browsing history/download history and leave Cookies and other site data/Cached images and files checked.

5. Clear data