While logged into your SRFax account, go to "Faxes" - "Edit Address Book".

To create new groups to organize contacts, click on the blue +Group button to the left. Enter the name of the group into the box, click Create Group, then click Close.

To add contacts under a sepcific group, click on the group name on the left. You can delete any custom-made group by clicking on Delete Group on the right side of the group name header bar.

To add a single contact, click on the +Contact button. Enter the contact name (optional) and the fax number, starting with a 1 and no spaces or dashes (for example, 888-333-4444 would be 18883334444). Click Add Contact and continue to enter name and number until completed. Click Close once you are finished and the contacts will appear under the group.

To upload a list of contacts, create a .CSV file with two columns. The most simple way to do this is to open an Excel spreadsheet. In the first column, enter the contact name (with no special characters or commas) and in the second column enter the 11-digit fax number (no spaces or dashes, starting with a 1). 

Go to File - Save As and change Save File Type to "CSV (comma delimited) *.csv". (Click OK and Yes on the dialogue boxes that pop up).

Under the group that you want to upload the file, click on Import Contacts. On the pop up window, click Browse and select your file, then click Import Contacts and then Close.

You can also save contacts from the Send a Fax page when you enter a fax number and check the box Save Number to Address Book.

To fax to a contact in your SRFax Address Book, go to "Faxes" - "Send a Fax" and click on the book icon to the right of the field for the destination fax number. In the pop-up window, change the group you would like to fax from in the drop down menus and sort by Name or Number on the right. Click on the number to fax to and it will auto-fill the destination fax number field.