While logged into your SRFax account you can manage your address book under Faxes Address Book

The address book will be sorted into groups, and individual contacts within.  By default, you will first see your “General” contact group for editing.  Adding contacts to specific groups can help if you ever need to send a fax to that entire list, rather than individuals.  

To add contacts under a specific group, first select the group from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.  If you have not yet created the desired group, you can do so using the + icon on the far right of the blue “Groups” heading.  See below:

Next, you can move on to adding actual contacts to one of your existing groups.  This is done in the section shown below:

To add a single contact, click on the + button on the far right of the group heading. Enter the contact name first, and the fax number next.  The fax number should be written starting with a 1 and no spaces or dashes (for example, 888-333-4444 would be 18883334444). Click Save to add the contact to the current group.  Our system will not stop you from adding the same contact name or same fax number multiple times, so take care.  

You can also upload existing contact lists you may have saved.  This can be done using the downward facing arrow icon on the right of the Contacts heading shown above.  Any list you want to upload must be in CSV, or Comma Separated Values format.  The list needs to be a .CSV file with two columns. 

The simplest way to create a CSV file is through an Excel spreadsheet. In the first column, enter the contact name with no special characters or commas (**if commas in a contact name are required, place the full contact name within “double quotation marks,” ) and in the second column enter the 11-digit fax number (no spaces or dashes, starting with a 1).  

Examples below:

Once you’ve filled out the spreadsheet, Go to File > Save As and change Save File Type to "CSV (comma delimited) *.csv". (Click OK and Yes on the dialogue boxes that pop up)

You can also save contacts from the Send a Fax page when you enter a fax number and check the box Save Number to Address Book. Just look for the checkbox below the fax number field as you fill it out:

To fax to a contact in your SRFax Address Book, go to "Faxes" - "Send a Fax" and click on the book icon to the right of the field for the destination fax number as shown above. In the pop-up window, change the group you would like to fax from in the drop down menus and sort by Name or Number on the right. Click on “select” for the contact you wish to reach, and the fax number will be filled in as the destination.  

Lastly, if you type in at least three characters into the Destination Fax number field then predictive text will come up with possible matches from your address book: