Where can I find and Download the Utility the Downloader

  1. Login to your SRFax Account, at SRFax.com. 

  1. Once in the account, you go to the left side under the logo and click “Support” and then click“Downloader”.                 

  1. On this page you will see things to “Note” before you download the utility. 

  1. On this page, you will also see a brief look at what the Downloader will look like once installed the utility successfully on the device. 

Once ready, simply click the yellow button at the top of the page “Download SRFax XFER for Windows”, to download the utility.  

  1. Once downloaded, the zip file, which will look something like the image below on your device, usually found in your files such as “Recent Downloads”. 

  1. At which, you download the Application called “SRFaxXfer” as the PDF document is further steps which you can, open, and read to help set up this utility correctly. 

  1. Then click “Run” or something similar when prompted on your device. 

  1. Once the downloader has been successfully downloaded, you set it up by opening it, or going to your “Tray” on your device. (this is where “wifi”, Bluetooth etc. is)  (In the tray you will see a “SRFax” logo, this is the downloader, and can be opened.)         

  1. Now you integrate in with your SRFax account, specific steps on how to achieve this. These steps are found in the PDF booklet downloaded in the zip file. 

  1. You do this by clicking “Add” to start the process. 

“Note: that you want to add the info in the “Master Account” area, not Sub account area. As sub-accounts can be added to the downloader if you have sub accounts under the main admin account that was created in the portal (account).” 

  1.  After you click “Add” a box will come up prompting the account’s information to enter into the downloader. Such as “Account Number, Password used to login, and folder you wish the faxes to be downloaded to once received in the account.”

Note: All this information can be found in your portal “Account” within SRFax.com.                                         

Note: If you do not wish the fax to remain in your accounts inbox you can checkmark “Delete” after download. 

We do not recommend this as your fax retention setting on your account will remove them after certain amount of time. As well as once deleted they are not recoverable. 

  1.  Once the information is entered the way you wish. You click “OK”, then “Save” to save the changes, and thus have the downloader up and running.

  1.  All these steps, and what they look like, can be found in the PDF file downloaded within the zip file of the downloader that was downloaded onto your device.