Where can I find and Download the Utility the Printer Driver

  1. Login to your SRFax Account, at SRFax.com. 

  1. Once in the account, you go to the left side under the logo and click “Support” and then click “SRFax Printer Driver”.                         

  1. On this page, you will see some things to “Note” before you down the utility. 

  1. As well, as a brief look, as to what the printer driver will look like once the zip file has been successfully, downloaded, and opened onto the account. 

Once ready, simply click the yellow button at the top of the page “Download SRFAX Printer for Windows”, to download the utility. 

  1. Once downloaded the zip file, which will look something like the image below on your device, usually found in your files such as “Recent Downloads”. 

  1. At which, you download the Application called “srfaxPrinter” as the PDF document is further steps which you can, open, and read to help set it up this utility correctly. 

  1. Then click “Run” or something similar when prompted on your device. 

  1. Once the printer driver has been successfully downloaded, the best way to setup the printer driver is to go into a document, and open the utility there.

  1. The exact steps to set this up can be found in the PDF file, which was downloaded in the zip file with the application. 

  1. Here, you will get the steps on how to open, and the steps needed to be taken to set this up.

  1. In the utility, under the tab “Account Details” of the printer driver is where you enter the information from your SRFax account, so that the utility integrates successfully with your account.                   

  1.  Here is where you enter the information found at the top left hand corner of your SRFax account, into the utility. Plus the password used to “Sign In”.                              

  1. Once integrated, you will be able to send faxes from the document, clicking “Print” selecting “SRFax printer” option, and thus sending a fax from the account.

  1. All steps of what it will look like, and how to achieve this will be found within that PDF file from the zip file that was downloaded.